History of St. Martin’s Church in Beaumaris

The first Presbyterian service in Beaumaris was held in 1926 and the Beaumaris Presbyterian Church was established formally in 1957.

The Pellatt Street Methodist Church was established in Beaumaris in November 1958.

St Martin’s Uniting Church in Beaumaris represents the union of the distinctive traditions and histories of the St Martin’s Presbyterian Church and Pellatt Street Methodist Church in June 1977.

The Parish of Beaumaris-Black Rock Uniting Church was created in July 1990 when St Martin’s Uniting Church and St Andrew’s By the Sea Uniting Church merged. Up until this time, the Churches served the local communities as individual Parishes.

In October 2015 St. Martin’s became a single congregation, with the name:  Beaumaris Uniting Church – St Martins 

Historical photos of St Martin's Beaumaris