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When we are at our best, the heart of our Church’s life is in our worship.

We are strengthened spiritually through our participation in worship and especially in the divine intimacy of Holy Communion. We value having the Word opened to us in reflective, relevant, inspiring and engaging ways. At times we look for lively, creative, energizing worship, at others quietness and contemplation. The festivals of Christmas and Easter are peak times in our journey of faith through the year.

Music and singing, both traditional and contemporary, enriches our worship. It uplifts, comforts, unites and gives us a chance to further express our faith.

In prayer we are invited to be still, share concerns and uphold one another as we communicate with God.

We love having children and young people involved and engaged in worship.

Our relationship with God and one another is nurtured in worship.

Vision For Worship

Looking into the future …

We have become a centre of excellence for creative worship. We provide a flexibility of worship for busy people, with different styles of service at different times. There are family oriented services, contemplative services, special Holy Communion services. Our church is often open for prayer and reflection at special healing times. Many of us gather in intimate groups to pray together, study scripture and support one another in our spiritual growth.


When we are at our best, central to our Church life is fellowship, a sense of family and friendliness.

This sense of family and friendliness is the bond in our community and gives us energy. It is demonstrated in worship, groups and through external activities such as retreats, walking, camps and travel. It is there when we meet each other over meals, in the street and particularly in cross age and inter-generational activities. It is nurtured by the involvement of our members of all ages in the life of our Church and by their participation in pastorally caring for one another and undertaking practical tasks for the running of the Church.

The expression of this sense of family and friendliness is in our concern and prayer for one another, in listening, trust and sharing.

Vision For Fellowship

Looking into the future …

At St Martin’s we have fostered and developed our sense of family and community to grow our church. All members feel supported, connected and included, and newcomers are linked in and quickly become part of our family. People are drawn to our church by the caring, prayerful bond among our members. Our regular all-age activities, interest groups, and “busy-family-friendly” social events connect us across congregations and generations. There is a high level of participation in decision making, administration and the practical work of maintaining our church properties which means the workload is well spread. Our Church family helps us to grow in faith as together we discover Christ in community.


When we are at our best, the primary way we demonstrate God’s love is in how we live, by example and through personal deeds and influence.

Our members serve the community through diverse endeavours, performing voluntary service in various community organizations.

Our shared faith fosters our giving to and supporting of appeals, causes, projects and crises with our money and time.

Justice issues are regularly brought before us. Through this we have our knowledge of others broadened, creating an awareness of their needs. We respond in prayer and action.

We are blessed with a well appointed building. It is used by members from the congregation and various groups from the wider community.

Vision For Demonstrating God’s Love

Looking into the future …

Our Church supports and resources its people spiritually through prayer, practically and financially for them to go out and serve the community to demonstrate God’s love.

The potential of our property is realized through its full utilization by the wider community.

The needs of the world are constantly before us.

What we do as a Church inspires and strengthens our members to live all aspects of their lives as followers of Jesus in family, community and workplaces to seek peace and justice for all.