Easter Day “The Empty Tomb – He Is Risen”

Easter Garden St Martins

Easter Garden St Martins

“An exceptional day!”

An air of festivity greeted the congregation as they entered the church on Easter Sunday – with the Easter Garden the first sign of the celebration of the resurrection from the dead of Jesus Christ, the son of God.

Rev. John and Ann dressed as angels, began the service with the skit “An Exceptional Day”.

The St Martins Singers and Elders led a procession into the church. Then the service celebrated the glorious promises of eternal life for all who believe in Jesus. The “Easter Carol” was sung with conviction by the St Martin’s Singers, while each hymn sung throughout the service recognised the joy that Jesus had risen from the dead. 

During Children’s Time Ann shared an Easter story then told the children of the significance of eggs at Easter  – as a symbol of life during a time associated with renewal and rebirth. The young ones then distributed chocolate eggs to everyone at the service.

A special thanks to all the members of the church who brought flowers and plants and assembled the beautiful garden.


Rev John Connan leading our Palm Sunday Service

Rev John Connan leading our Palm Sunday Service

Our annual Palm Sunday Service on Sunday 25th March was full of vibrant hymns  and an excellent Reflection from Rev. John Connan “Just How Costly Can Love Be?”

In his reflection John touched on the way of Jesus, the way of the Church and the way of the people is the way of LOVE.

Sacrifice = Love.

The way of love, justice and truth is never popular.

Palm Sunday


BIBLE STUDY – LENT EVENT 2018. Lenten_Studies 

Lenten Studies began on Wednesday 7th March at the Hindes, from 7:30 – 9:00 pm and will continue for the next three weeks.

You can download the free material by googling “Bible study lent event 2018”. 

The studies focus on “Faith in Action – what are the qualities we need?” These include: justice, hope, love, self-awareness, hospitality and care plus sacrifice.


The materials were prepared by UnitingWorld is an agency of the Uniting Church in Australia.

>> Download the Lent-Event-2018-Bible-Study_Faith-in-Action



Good Friday Walk of Witness

Good Friday Walk of Witness – Beaumaris Churches

The Good Friday Walk of Witness – Stations of the Cross is a combined mission of the Churches in Beaumaris.

  • STATION 1 – St Michael’s 10:45am
  • STATION 2 – Corner of Anita Street and Dalgetty Road – Stella Maris will lead
  • STATION 3 – Corner of Hardinge Street and Dalgetty Road – led by St. Michael’s
  • STATIONS 4 & 5 – St Martin’s UCA
  • STATIONS  – Corner Gibbs and Oak Street – led by Beaumaris Baptist Church
  • STATION 7 – Corner Griffiths and Oak Street – led by Beaumaris Baptist Church
  • STATION 8 – ends at Stella Maris, corner of Cloris and Oak Streets.
Please feel free to join us on the Good Friday Walk and bring along friends. Alternatively wait at Beaumaris Uniting Church for the walkers to arrive and join in Stations 4 & 5 with us and then drive on to Stella Maris.


The True Meaning of Friendships and How to Tell Who Your Real Friends Are.

What a pertinent topic for Neva Hill to tackle for our March Discussion. She led with a wonderful quote from Eleanor Roosevelt:

“Great minds discuss ideas,
  Average Minds discuss events
  Small minds discuss people.”

From there she read an article by Shane Watson, first published in the London Telegraph and republished by the SMH and The Age titled “How to tell who your real friends are”. It can be downloaded and read at the following link.

>>      https://www.smh.com.au/lifestyle/life-and-relationships/how-to-tell-who-your-real-friends-are-20180221-p4z13e.html

The discussion led on to “best friends” and all other forms of friendships and we even talked about the saying that “People come in to your life for a reason, a season or a life time.” It was a lively discussion on many fronts and a great topic that was enjoyed by the 9 participants there!

Following on from the discussion, Margaret Thorburn found an article in the December 2017 edition of the Women’s Weekly entitled “The Power of Female Friendships”.  It makes very interesting reading and explains many of the female traits.
>>  Read the article  “The Power of Female Friendships