Panacake Day at Beaumaris Uniting Church 2019

Pancake night at the Beaumaris Uniting Church – St. Martins was held on Sunday 3rd March from 5 – 8pm.  In spite of the high 30 degree temperatures we had a healthy gathering of people. Some people enjoyed a picnic tea of fish and chips but everyone enjoyed the pancakes served as dessert with a range of fruit toppings and ice-cream plus a wide choice of drinks.  All age groups enjoyed playing quoits on the lawn and as the cool change arrived many of the participants moved outside to sit and enjoy the live music.  It was a great opportunity for chatting and catching up on peoples’ news at leisure. We were delighted to be joined by our friends from St Michael’s and All Angels down the road on this festive occasion. We are thrilled that the $370 raised will be donated to Uniting Care Families in Crisis.