Friday Morning Discussion Group May 18

“The Happiest Refugee”

The Happiest Refugee


Our monthly Friday Morning Discussion Group was held at Hindes this month.

Wendy Hinde led the discussion based on the book “The Happiest Refugee” by Anh Do.

This was discussed alongside an article that was published in the HeraldSun Magazine “Stellar”, on Sunday 11th March, 2018 and titled “It’s OK to fail”, an inteview by Adrienne Tam of refugee Anh Do. We were amazed at the breadth of Anh Do’s talents and work: law graduate, comedian, artist, prize winning author. We learned what a resilient and kind hearted soul he is and how he gives enormous credit to his mother for the way his family has turned out. He was 2 years old when his family hopped on a 9 metre boat and set out to escape Vietnam. The story is a wonderful testament to the determination of refugees to settle in and forge their way in the country that has given them a new chance at life, as well as the gratitude for this opportunity.

>>>> Read the article “It’s OK to fail”

We enjoyed watching the video “Pictures of You – featuring Anh Do” – featured below. This rounded out a very lively discussion.