Friday Morning Group Visit to Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute on 2nd June

A group of 8 ladies headed in to Parkville by train and tram to explore the wonder of the architecture and interior design of the new Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute (opened in June 2016).  The triangular corner block has been used to its maximum potential to house this amazing hospital and cancer research institute. A registered art gallery, the new Peter Mac Centre displays a range of art works on every wall of the atriums to provide a marvelous atmosphere for those waiting on specialist care. The principal artwork is the magnificent five-metre wide tapestry, “Life Burst” by John Olson. This vibrant tapestry was woven by five talented weavers over 1,200 hours at the ATW in South Melbourne, Life Burst comprises warm and bright hues of orange, yellow and red; with touches of green and purple. The interior is designed in such a way that every room in the building has a window and light is the main thing that bursts from every where. There are two cafes, one on the ground floor and another on the 7th floor which opens to a roof top garden as well as a walk way connecting to the Royal Melbourne Hospital across the road. We enjoyed a plentiful, well presented lunch at the 7th floor cafe after taking in the views of Melbourne and the hospital and university precinct from the outdoor garden. This is a unique hospital and research institiute and one Melbourne can be extremely privileged to call our own. Definitely worth a visit!

Peter MacCallum Institute visit Peter MacCallum Institute visit Peter MacCallum Institute visit Peter MacCallum Institute visit